Praise Kids children’s singing group will begin practices on Wed. Sept. 13th. The group will meet at the church after school until 4:10. Children from 3rd thru 7th grade are welcome to attend. The group will sing in church 1-2 times a month. Praise Kids offers children an opportunity to become involved in a church activity that enables them to learn Christian Music, perform before a group and be in an atmosphere of acceptance and fellowship. Please contact Joan Foris (715.962.4005) if you are interested in joining Praise Kids!




Bencke Family is a Mission Family in Japan, Colfax Lutheran Church has Noisy Offerings scheduled throughout the year to support them on their ELCA Mission Projects in Japan. Here is an article that highlights the Bencke Family and their Mission Work.

Kumamoto Newsletter-Number 66-November

Kumamoto Newsletter-Number 67-January