A Christian Community….

Colfax Lutheran Church is a Christian community that is built on the foundation of supporting everyone who enters the building and beyond. Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment for growth in faith of all people through worship, outreach, education, service and fellowship.

Worship happens in several special ways through engaging Sunday services, special musical guests, a talented senior choir, active and fun VBS , a masterly lead Praise Kids singers and an energetic Praise band, as well as a committed Youth Group.

Outreach is something that this community has pledged itself to through crafting groups and circle meetings, the annual Hidden Treasures sale, by sharing music with the local nursing home and by offering camper-ships to those who would like to experience Luther Park.

Education is a staple in this community through Sunday School lessons and music, Confirmation classes, VBS, as well as crafting groups that are willing to teach a new hobby.

Service is demonstrated by this community through Blessing Baskets, Christmas for Kids, working at the Founders Day Block Party, participating in the Community Worship service during the fair, preparing and delivering cookie tins, making and donating beautiful quilts and much appreciated school supplies to those in need, by cleaning around the Church grounds as well as at Luther Park and in the work of those employed and the many volunteers.

Fellowship is experienced in every aspect of this community before services with greeters, during services with sharing peace, after services with treats, as well as through classes, meetings, volunteering and by being an engaged member of this community.

However, none of this would be possible by one member alone, but rather through a community that is guided by the One, Jesus Christ.

Michelle Knutson


Council & Committee Members

Christian Ed & Youth

Jim Kallstrom                                                         715-962-2157

Ed Reitz                                                                    715-308-2806


Jaci Ackerlund                                                        612-554-8700

Rick Geissler                                                           715-338-9456

Music & Worship

Dr. Terri Stovern Buckley                                    715-309-3137

Gary Thorson                                                         715-962-3038

Property & Grounds

Adam Fruit                                                           715-781-6310

Joel Steinke                                                           715-962-2217

Chris Olson                                                            715-308-7283

Social Ministry

Barb Braaten                                                         715-309-8989

Sue Swanson                                                          715-568-1283

Stewardship & Evangelism

Adam Fruit                                                             715-781-6310

Sabrina Anderson Kerg                                        715-821-8788

Chris Olson                                                             715-308-7283

President                   Adam Fruit                       715-781-6310

Vice-President           Ed Reitz                            715-308-2806

Secretary                    Carol Boyd                       715-556-0135

Treasurer                   Rick Geissler                   715-338-9456


Pastor            Pastor Les Walck                     715/962-2000   (cell) 715/704-0005

Ministry Assistant    Barb Entzminger          715/962-3336

Custodian                  Terry Moen                       715/962-3336

Nominating Committee:  Jaci Ackerlund, Terri Stovern Buckley, Dorothy Enger, and Paul Verdon

Endowment Committee:  Chair Ron Hoffman, Denise Freeberg, Sue Jenson, Eileen Stokke, and Mona Thorson

Audit Committee:  Dean Stokke, Denise Freeberg, and Dr. Lee Bjurquist

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